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I've never had extensions before, what can I expect?

You can expect to be beautiful! Your natural hair will be braided. The extensions will be sewn onto each braid using a needle and thread to give you a natural look. You can come to the salon with your hair clean and blow-dried or we can do it for you on-site for an additional fee!

Can I make an appointment?

We do not take appointments. You are welcome to walk-in.

What is the difference between a partial install and a full install?

A partial install allows clients to achieve the most natural look. Leaves a portion of the natural hair out in the front center to achieve a left, right, or middle part. Gives clients an option to leave some or all edges and nape out. A full install allows clients to take pressure and heat off of natural hair as all of the natural hair is braided. Both installs include a net, which protects the natural hair and promotes natural hair growth and healthiness as no natural hair is left exposed.

How long will I spend in WEX?

You can expect to spend 3-4 hours in the salon, depending on various factors. Since our salon accepts walk-ins only, the weekends are typically our busiest days.

Can I wait for a particular stylist?

You are welcome to wait for the stylist of your choice.

What exactly do I get for $50?

Fifty dollars gets you our Mini-install, a trim and a flat iron. This install leaves the majority of your hair exposed, and includes only a few rows of the weft. You must come with your hair clean and blow-dried and two packs of hair.

My hair is thinning, what kind of weave do you recommend for me?

We recommend that clients with hair conditions receive a consult prior to service. My clients with thinning hair should typically get a Full Install.

Why are nets used? What is the benefit?

Nets are used on clients with thinning hair, when a weave with none of the natural hair left out is done. A benefit to the net is that it protects your natural hair – any client, with or without natural hair can request one.

After my weave, will be able to come back to the salon to get my hair styled?

Definitely! We have a package for Install Maintenance that includes a wash, condition, tighten up and style.

What kind of services do you offer for kids?

We offer braiding services for kids – traditional and decorative! Children must be supervised at all times.

Do you sell hair on-site?

Yes! We sell a line of hair exclusive to WEX, called Weave Wonderful. Our prices are competitive and we sell 100% Human Remi and 9 types of Virgin Brazilian Hair. We have a texture to match most hair types! We encourage your hair on-line at though we do stock our most popular hair types on-site.

What is a blend cut?

A blend cut is a combo of a trim and a face-framing cut (or bang).

What is a detailed cut?

A detailed cut is a precision cut by a Senior Stylist. These cuts include layered bobs with details in the back, and short haircuts.

What types of closures do you offer?

We offer a standard closure included in our Full Install package, and a lace front closure as a WEXtra.

What is a Quick Weave and do you offer this service?

Yes, we do. The natural hair is molded or braided. A cap is placed over the client’s hair and tracks are glued. Our Quick Weave includes a basic cut.